Affiliate Terms & Condition

Here you can earn commissions for indicating new users to Medooza wallet and Medooza Faucet. Each user has a standard affiliate links, automatically generated by the system. 

Indicating, and is very simple. Copy your affiliate link from your Dashboard and share with your friends and contacts. We recommend that you show your affiliate link on your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, forums and videos. You can add it in the signature of your email and forums or write an article about Medooza project and insert the affiliate link in the text. That way you display your link to an even greater number of people.

The system keeps your reference link for 14 days in the user computer, i.e, if a new user clicks on your link and fulfill the registration on our site, within this period, the user will still be your affiliate!

Every time someone completes the sign up process at, or through your affiliate link, this person will become be your affiliate. And, better still, when your branch user join the affiliate and indicate new users you earn fees generated by the actions / transactions. Yes always! Payment is made automatically in MDZA tokens by the system. The amount of MDZA tokens is directly transferred to your Medooza wallet instantly, without human intervention.

Copy one of the links that shows on your dashboard or share it directly with your friends and contacts. You can write an email talking about Medooza wallet / Medooza faucet with your affiliate link and submit it anywhere. Go on! Share it in all your social networks. The More you indicate to and, the greater your chances of increasing your profits!

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